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Soapy Dough

Soapy Dough

By: Play Visions


Soapy Dough

Product Description

Introducing an amazing new compound that is shapeable, moldable, and formable with tools or by hand. When taken into the bath, it converts into a frothy, bubbly soap. Make your own shape and take it in the bath.

The most unique soap product to ever hit the market. Kids can mold their Soapy Dough into any shape, or use the included animal extruders for extra fun. Then, simply immerse the soap into the tub and rub between your hands to create soapy bubbles! Soapy Dough is scented too! Blue color is blueberry and comes with the Fish Extruder, while Green color is Lemon Citrus and comes with the Turtle Extruder. Soapy Dough comes in a 3 oz. container that will yield 25-30 bath times of fun!