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Ideal Lunch Box Game

Ideal Lunch Box Game

By: Ideal


Ideal Lunch Box Game

Product Description

The Storybook Card Game tests your memory and creativity by looking at picture cards to create fun and silly stories that are different every time. The storybooks are all mixed up and all the characters and objects need a story! Play starts with the first player starting a story by saying, "Once upon a time..." as he turns over the top card of the deck. The player includes the object on the card in this sentence, making up whatever he or she wants as long as the item on the card is included in the sentence. Example: If the first card turned over is the "alien" the player may say "Once upon a time, there was an alien who came to Earth". The player then places the card back on the top of the deck, face down and passes the deck to the next player. That player then turns over next card and adds this object to the story. Example: If the second player's card is the "Lollipop", the player may say, "Once upon a time, there was an alien who came to Earth because he was looking for a lollipop". As play continues, if a player forgets the object on a card or says the wrong item he or she is out of the game. Ages 3+